Decopatch is creative & more importantly great fun!


Decopatch is a funky addictive papercraft activity (a paper and glue varnish system, which creates a decorative, hardwearing finish) that is so simple to use and suitable for all ages … anyone can do it!

To begin all you need is Decopatch paper, the object that you would like to decorate and the special glue varnish.

It is easy to get started with Decopatch as you can find projects everywhere and you can cover practically anything from paper, card, china, ceramics, MDF, plastic, old furniture (both indoors and outdoors), glass, wood, stone, cardboard, not to mention the extensive range of Decopatch animals and accessories … the choice is limitless!

Decopatch Explained

  • decopatch paper is easily applied to any kind of surface (flat or uneven).
  • decopatch is the only paper which produces a smooth texture and a real paint effect.
  • decopatch paper is deep-dyed and glazed. It will not break apart when glued, and the colors will never fade or run.
  • Because it is a very thin , but strong and flexible paper, decopatch is especially easy to use.

Decopatch Birthday Parties

Decopatch is excellent for children’s parties, suitable from age 5, for boys or girls there is something for everyone!

If you would be interested in having a Decopatch Party then please get in touch for more details.

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