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Wedding Stationery Price List 2017 PDF

Prices can vary depending on type of card, ribbon and embellishments chosen, please ask for a price if you would like something different.

If you see a style you like but it is over your budget please let me know, as there might be a way we could tweak the invitation to bring it within your price range (by changing the card type, ribbon or diamante/crystals used).

I can adapt most of my designs to suit colour schemes and styles, please ask if you have something in mind that you would like me to create and I will be able to work out a price for you.

I was asked some questions from a bridal magazine and thought it would be good to include those questions and answers for you to see:

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Before brides and grooms begin, what should they know about wedding stationery?

The first thing is that there is so much choice it can be very confusing what style to go for, and who to place an order with.
If possible find out about the supplier, recommendations are always a great place to start. When visiting a supplier ask them to show you previous designed wedding invitations so that you can see for yourself their level of quality and experience.
It is also important to know that your stationer is going to be around for a while as it is usually a year ahead from booking your stationer until you have your completed order. If it is a shop you visit there shouldn’t be a problem, but do be careful with freelance stationers. I have on several occasions had to help couples out with orders placed online or through a card crafter that have arrived not as they ordered or to the quality expected.

How can couples prepare for a meeting with a stationery company?

A bride & groom should bring with them any information that is required to be included with their invitation, i.e. menu, accommodation, travel directions etc this can decide the style of invitation to suit their requirements.

Describe a typical consultation?

A consultation would begin with finding out what the requirements are: the details of the bride & groom, who is hosting the wedding, the venue, the date, the time, the style of wording and type of font, any additional information they would need included with their invitations. We would also work out when they would require the invitations to be ready and the suitable RSVP dates.
If your venue or caterer is offering a menu choice, by including a menu and an RSVP including menu choice, this reduces cost which allows the cater to provide only what is required with no wastage.
Once the details are obtained the style of invitation to suit their needs would be discussed next and what embellishments they would like to incorporate into their chosen style i.e. card stock, ribbon, buckles and crystals.

And the ordering process? What typical mistakes can couples avoid at this stage?

The main mistake to avoid is not making sure all the details are correct, and not allowing enough time for the invitations to be made. If a menu or coach details are to be included the RSVPs would need to be back earlier to allow the details to be passed to the venue or supplier in good time.
It is important to view an invitation before they go to print to double check that everything is just the way you would like it, if alterations are required it can easily be amended at this stage before going to final print.

How should couples go about choosing between bespoke and semi-customised designs?

This very much depends on what the couple require and what they have in mind for their invitations, and of course their budget.
Depending on their chosen supplier it can be quite simple to make adjustments to certain designs to suit their style, if everything is made at source.

What inspires you?

I love when a bride & groom come in with different ideas. I then sit down to discuss what they would like to get a picture in my mind of what it is they both want to create. The outcome is an invitation they are proud to send to their family and friends. After all invitations are the first glimpse the guests have of what their wedding is all about, and it sets the tone of what is to come.

Should all stationery be ordered at once, i.e table plans, save the dates, place cards, menus, thank you etc. or can these be created at a later date to allow, for example, for guests to decline the invitation or a development in the theme? What would you suggest for keeping the overall look cohesive and tied in with the invitations?

When I have a consultation with a couple about their wedding stationery I find out all their requirements and work out a costing for them, but the items ordered are made in stages (and usually paid in stages) to suit their requirements.
The first items given out are Save the Dates (if required) then the Wedding Invitations would follow. The Day Invitations go out first followed by the Evening Invitations, this avoids 2 invitations being given to the same person should the need arise.
Order of Service if required would be designed once the information from the minister or whoever is conducting the service has been finalised, usually after a meeting nearer to the time.
The Venue Stationery is made the month before the wedding, once all the RSVPs have been returned and the guest list has been finalised, this includes the Seating Plan, Table Names/Numbers, Place Cards and Menus.
Thank You cards are made after the wedding and my most popular ones include a photo of the bride and groom with a lovely thank you verse on the back.
Every item would be designed and created using the same materials to keep a cohesive theme/style running through all items of stationery ordered.

How long does the average set of stationery take to create?

As I have explained above the stationery items are created in stages, and the time it takes depends very much on what is involved in the chosen design. If a bride & groom are in a hurry for their invitations, I would advise them to chose from a simpler range that their timeframe would allow.

How would you describe your style and unique approach to stationery? What is your speciality?

I create designs that suit the couples requirements and they can on most occasions be tweaked to suit exactly what they need.
My specialty is my Chequebook Invitation or Pop-Up Invitation which include several inserts to give the guests details about the wedding, Menu, RSVP, Venue, Gift Request, Transportation etc. Whatever the couple need can be included in a simple and very elegant design.

What aspects, both aesthetic and practical, of the wedding most influence the choice of stationery?

I would strongly advice that the couple think about what they have to include with their Wedding Invitation when making their choice, if there are no attachments to be included they could choose any design. However, if menu, transportation etc are required then a pocket fold or chequebook design would be much more suitable as this would allow the information to be held together in a combined style that looks elegant. Any of the designs can be decorated to suit personal taste and budget with colour ribbon, buckles, crystals etc.

Describe the difference between engraving, laser cut, letterpress, foil stamping and digital printing and the benefits and drawbacks of these for couples?

There are so many different styles and designs which are best explained when seen and felt so that the design can be fully appreciated. Cost is the main consideration when choosing one of these designs.

How can couples get creative with added extras (RSVPs, maps, order of the day, accommodation information etc.)?

It is more elegantly finished if the added extras are incorporated into the design of the invitation and not lying loose in the envelope which becomes very “bitty” and easily lost once opened. Once the style has been chosen for the invitation it can be then incorporated into the added extras to match with the same card etc.

What if there’s a tight budget? In what ways can stationery costs be trimmed? What design/printing decisions can help save money?

The card chosen can determine the price of the Wedding Stationery.
I have a lovely simply elegant design that does not have ribbon or buckles but does have an elegant flourish printed with a crystal which lifts the design.
There can be package deals which can help as everything is included for a special price which helps your budget go further.
Another way to save money would be to make your own. I own a craft shop and can supply and give advice on designs you could make, depending on your ability.

What information needs to be included on invitations and RSVPs? How can couples avoid chasing guests for confirmation or excessive calls from guests for more details about the day?

This is a common problem for couples and one that I do try to eliminate for them where possible, RSVPs should include a date to be returned by with an address, email and phone number are optional. I would definitely recommend them to be included on Evening Invitations as they tend to be the younger generation and are more likely to reply by text or email.
The more details about the day that can be included with the invitation eliminates the need to call and ask for information. It also creates an excitement in the guest as they go through all the details (my Chequebook Invitation is particularly good at this as each page builds the excitement for the guests especially the one detailing the venue and of course the menu).
There are websites designed for couples to use to give their guests information and the website address can be included on the invitations.

What if mistakes are made or changes need to be made – what process would couples need to go through and how can this be avoided?

I cannot stress enough how important it is to see one of the invitations before they go to final print to make sure that all the details are correct and the design is the way you want it to look.
It is very easy to make a mistake in spelling or a detail might have changed that had not been updated by the bride & groom or the stationer. This can easily be caught and rectified before going to final print. Once the sample has been viewed and confirmed as correct it is time to print.

When should save the dates and invitations be sent out?

Save the Dates are normally sent out as soon as the venue has been confirmed.
The Day Invitations are sent out first, and depends on the information that is required back before the wedding, if a menu choice is required then most caterers or venues require the couple to collate the information by a certain date.
The average length of time is 12 weeks before, and when the RSVPs come back by the specified date it is then that the Evening Invitations would be sent out. This process eliminates the situation of inviting someone to the Evening Reception and then being able to upgrade them from the reserve list and sending them a Wedding Invitation.



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